About ME

After receiving my MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2008, I’ve worked primarily in the catch-all taxon of “new media”.  My work explores broad themes of science fiction, consumerism, film making, landscape and site. Subject is impacted by the banalities of growing up in the Suburban South and the matter-of-course condition of “being raised by the television”. These spaces - full of cul de sacs, roadside attractions, shuttered malls, and familiar jingles - are mined for their meaning and become site for deeper inquiries into the material of their archetypal aura. Photography, video, animation, and sound become tools to capture the evocative, the political, and the absurd.

In 2018 (with Tamara Johnson) I co-founded Sweet Pass Sculpture Park in Dallas, TX (non-profit pending). Sweet Pass operates as an artist run exhibition space located on an acre lot. Programming highlights emerging and mid-career artists in an outdoor setting on a rotating basis.

Since 2013, I have been artist in residence at  the economic think tank Locus Analytics based in New York City. In this roll, I often work with local high school students to map and understand the economic makeup of their own neighborhood. In addition,  I have organized and curated video screenings, exhibitions, and publications in New York, Paris, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Atlanta. As a serial collaborator, I am always looking to work with other artists and creatives.